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Möchte man seine Musik nun über ein Sonos-Gerät streamen, fürthermare muss diese nur noch ausgewählt werden. .Google Play Music is available now on Sonos in 25 countries worldwide, including the.For more details about what Sonos is and how it works, you may want to gutschein read Craving Techs review.Last year, YouTube Music became Googles primary play gplay streaming service gaastraproshop with the company google telegraphing that Play Music will eventually be replaced.Within the Sonos app scroll down to 'Add Music Services' to find the new member of futspo the Sonos family.The move brings not only the Google Play Music library of 22 million tracks but also the ability to stream your own personal music library to Sonos using Google's music library feature, which stores your music in the cloud. While the on-demand streaming music offering is similar across all platforms, though Qobuz gutschein notably aims to stand out by offering CD-quality streams, Google Play Music brings the advantage of access to your own music library.
You can then adjust the volume, play/pause and select tracks, gutschein all from within the Google Play Music app.

Das Besondere ist, dass sich Musik nicht nur über die Sonos-App auswählen lässt, wie es eigentlich üblich ist, sondern auch über die Standard-Musik-Player-Software von Google, bahn sofern die richtige Version vorliegt und man im entsprechenden wlan-Netzwerk angemeldet ist.This morning, Sonos gutschein officially announced their partnership with Google to gutschein bring more music into the gutschein ears.Related Posts at Craving fshn Tech.Also new gutschein is direct streaming from fshn within the Google Play Music Android app to a Sonos speaker, the first time you've fshn been able to stream to a Sonos speaker from outside the Sonos app.While YouTube Music has seen a steady series of updates in recent months, Google Play Music has stagnated ahead of its eventual replacement.OR, alternatively, you can use also use your Androids Google Play Music app to send music directly from the app.If you'd like to get Google Play Music set up on your Sonos, simply select Google Play Music from your Sonos' services menu and sign in with your Gmail account. Last month, sonos revealed its new look remote controller app, play currently available in beta on Android, and it gutschein seems the company has plenty more lined-up for gutschein 2014.
Google Play Artist Hub that musicians use to directly interact with the Play Store.
Rdio, Spotify and, qobuz fshn on Sonos, with the announcement coming as part of "the year of software for Sonos".